Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome To Your New Blog Hang-out!

I'm super excited about the launch of this blog, and I'm glad you stopped by!  If you're wondering who I am and what's going on, now's your chance to find out.  To wit, your very own interview of me:

YOU: Who are you, anyway?

ME:  I'm known to the online write-o-sphere as Authoress, hostess of the popular blog MISS SNARK'S FIRST VICTIM.  MSFV is a blog for mostly-grown-up aspiring authors who are far enough along in their writing to benefit from online critique and feedback from literary agents.

Not that you don't deserve some attention for your writing, too.  That's why I've created THIS blog, which is probably your next question.

YOU: How did you guess?

ME: I'm pretty good at this interview thing. *smile*

Anyway, the truth is I'm thrilled every time I meet an under-adult-aged writer.  I love to encourage, to teach, to offer pep talks to teens who aspire to write well and, perhaps, to some day be published.

Of course, reading and writing go hand in hand.  So this blog isn't JUST for aspiring teen writers; it's also for teen READERS.  (And, um, if you're a writer, I'm assuming you read a lot, too.  So that makes you doubly invited to this blog.)

YOU: Not to sound rude, but what's in it for me?

ME:  In addition to informative and entertaining blog posts (I sound like a commercial), we've got our own forum for you to connect with each other.  This'll be a safe place for you to ask writing- and publishing-related questions, share your ideas, and build a community of writers tailor-made for YOU.

Because it's awesome to be a teenager AND a writer AND a lover of books.

You might even be treated to the occasional piece of (embarrassing) (purple-prosed) writing by my teenaged self.  We'll see.  I may be SO not a teenager anymore, but that's no reason to make myself look bad.  Right?

Also?  The blog will include guest appearances from fabulous authors, in-house critique sessions of YOUR work, and contests involving REAL (as opposed to fake) agents and editors.

Lots of fun stuff!

YOU: So, are you a writer or something?

ME: Yes!  I write middle grade and young adult (that's you) science fiction and fantasy.  I'm represented by the best literary agent in the world, Josh Getzler.

Okay. I'm biased.

Anyway, you can read more about me on the "Authoress" tab above.

YOU: So, when your first novel is published, how will we know who you are so we can, yanno, buy your book?  And read it?

ME: Naturally, I'll reveal my REAL identity at that time.  Probably with a fun contest attached to it.  Because, yeah.  My book isn't going to say "by Authoress" on the cover.

YOU: It's just you, then, running this blog?

ME: Nope!  I've got two amazing teens helping me run this thing:
  • Lizzy, 16-year-old aspiring author, will be running the forums.
  • Mad Writer, 17-year-old aspiring author, will be assisting with critiques and contests.
You can read their brief bios in the sidebar.  I'm SO GLAD they've both volunteered their time to help with this blog.  Be sure to thank them whenever you see them doing something awesome.  Which will probably be frequently.

YOU: So, what should I do next?

ME: Glad you asked!  To connect right away--and to stay connected--you should:
  • Subscribe to this blog.  Right now.
  • Join the FORUM.
  • Go to the "GENERAL" discussion board and introduce yourself!
That's it!  The fun will unfold from there.

Questions?  Observations?  Leave them in the comment box below!  Otherwise, get over to the forums NOW and jump right in!  We can't be a community until we're a...well, community.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


  1. This looks great. My oldest is also a writer and I know she'll enjoy being a part of this- after she gets home from school.


  2. Authoress,

    What a wonderful idea! You are amazing to be able to find the time to start this, run your other blog, and write books! Hurray for you and good luck with this!

  3. Great idea. Two of my kids are into writing. Unfortunately they're too young (one's only 6). Wow, I can only imagine what this blog will be like in 7 years. ;)

  4. Hi! I love this idea and I will be dropping by pretty often, I'm sure! I was a teen writer as well and am now a...not-so-teen writer lol! so I LOVE hearing teens talk about their aspirations in the literary world. Great idea and good luck! I wish you the greatest of success!

  5. This is going to be, if it's not already, another hot blog. Oh, to be a teen again.

  6. Huzzah! As I teen, I must say this is a FANTASTIC IDEA! Good luck. :)

  7. This is going to be absolutely fantastic! I can't wait for it to get going! :)

  8. Man, I would have been all over this as a teenager. I guess I'll just have to be a creepy lurking 20-something then. :)

  9. Super sleek deco!

    Wish I'd found this 20 years ago...

  10. It's a great site, Authoress. I wish I'd had something like this when I was a teen - but we didn't even have internet then. LOL

    I wish this wonderful place a ton of success. =o)

  11. Thank you ALL.

    Wow, it didn't cross my mind that this place would appeal to AGING teenagers, too! LOL

    (No worries. I fit into the same category. :P)