Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to BASICS next week...and a big, squooshy I'M SORRY

Okay.  I should have said good-bye before I left.  But that's not the squooshy apology part.  I mean, I figured most, if not all, of you follow Miss Snark's First Victim and knew I'd be leaving for vacation.

What writer wants to be redundant, right?

Anyway...I'M BACK!  *big, cheesy grin*

Here's the apology part:  I haven't done much around here!  Other than the weekly BASICS, I mean.  I've got all sorts of ideas and even a plan or two, but to be honest, running two blogs is more overwhelming than I'd anticipated, even with the AWESOME HELP I'm getting around here.

*pauses to beam at MAD, LIZZY, and TARYN*

Anyway, I'm sorry.  Remember a month or two ago when I asked you to tell me your favorite MG/YA authors?  That's because I'm going to start trying to round up a few of them for interviews and other fun things around here.  And we're going to do more in-house critting, too; we just need to grow our community a little more first, so we don't keep reading the same things from the same people.  Over and over.

The FORUMS are the lifeblood of this place, at any rate.  I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THE AWESOMENESS OF THE COMMUNITY YOU'VE CREATED THERE.  Seriously!

So.  Bear with me.  And keep being your amazing selves.

(Have I mentioned how cool I think you all are?)

Also?  Please use this comment box for sharing your dreams and ideas.  What would you LOVE to see on this blog?  What would help/encourage/stretch you as a writer?  What would entertain you?  What would make you dive out of bed head first every morning JUST to see what's been posted?

Share!  Share lots!  I always read everything you have to say.