Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our First In-House Critique Session!!

Are you ready for some honest feedback from your peers?  And from me?  *grin*

The first page of a novel either sucks us in -- "hooks" us -- or it doesn't.  Ever wonder if your opening paragraphs are strong enough to draw in a reader, make him crave more?

Here's your chance to get some feedback/critique on the opening page of your novel--our first Write On ARE YOU HOOKED? critique round!  Here are the rules:
  • You may submit the first 250 words of your novel, whether it is a completed work or a work-in-progress (WIP).
  • The submission window will open at 2:00 PM EST today, and will close at 2:00 PM on Friday or when we have 10 entries--whichever comes first.
  • You may only submit one entry.  Subsequent entries will be disqualified.
  • All entries will be posted anonymously.  
  • By entering this critique round, you are giving implicit permission to have your work posted and publicly critiqued.
  • By entering this critique round, you agree to critique a minimum of 3 other entries.
  • Send your submission to A Writer Gone Mad at awritergonemad.submissions(at) (Replace the (at) with an @ sign.)
  • You will receive a reply email with your post number.  Please be patient; unlike the critiques on Miss Snark's First Victim, this contest is NOT automated.  Mad will be taking care of submissions by hand.
  • Format your entry EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS:
SCREEN NAME: (type it here) (this is whatever name you use when you leave comments here)
TITLE: (type it here)
GENRE: (type it here)

(type your first 250 words here)

I think that covers it!  The entries will post on Saturday; you may begin critiquing immediately.

Please leave your questions in the comment box below!


  1. So pumped for this! I'm assuming I'm to email you when I've got ten?

  2. OMC THAT'S what I was supposed to do.

    *runs off to email Mad*

  3. LOL! I do that,too, Authoress!

  4. Authoress, is there any crossover here? Can we "grownups" offer critique as well, or is it strictly peer-to-peer?

  5. Beth, I would LOVE for the "grownups" to offer critique! In fact, I'm planning on inviting my MSFV readers to do so tomorrow! :)

  6. I'm THERE. Teens are my fav. You are all so AWARE . . . grownups forget the RAWNESS of it all. *hugs all the teens she knows*

  7. Yet another example of amazing generosity!