Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special guest critter announced...

We're STILL TAKING SUBMISSIONS for the St. Patrick's Day critique, until tomorrow at 6pm EST or when we hit 15 entries, whichever comes first.

All the posts will be open for critique by all the Write On! teens, anyone who visits the blog, and our SPECIAL GUEST CRITTER. That special guest will be Alison Weiss of Egmont!

If you don't already know from our monthly Ask-The-Editor rounds, Alison is an editor, and has agreed to give feedback on all the St. Patrick's Day entries. Get your lucky excerpt/scene together, and submit while there's still space!


  1. Woo-hoooo!!!!!!!! :-) Alison is, like, your mascot or something.

    Alison, you rock!!!


  2. Oh, gee! XD

    Yay! But at the same time... Oh boy.

    *curses the 300-word limit* ... *curses own inability to write tight*