Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Contest: Story Extraordinaire!

The contest:  Add to the ongoing story-in-a-comment-box below.

The prize:  The winner (drawn randomly from all participants) gets to post his/her first 500 words on the blog for group critique!

The rules:  Write the next 50 words of the story.  Keep the protagonist's name the same, but FEEL FREE TO CHANGE THE GENRE AT WILL!  Keep it clean.  And don't write more than 50 words, even if it means stopping before the end of a

You may add to the story as many times as you'd like, but please don't enter consecutively.  (In other words, let someone else write something before you jump in again.)

Okay. Ready?  This contest will be open until 11:59 pm on April 24.  Which happens to be the very end of my birthday. *grin*

Here we go!


The llama was definitely dead.

"What are we going to tell Uncle Bif?" Daisy prodded the stiff animal with her toe, hoping the slightest twitch from the llama would prove them wrong.


Daisy's older brother Gaff shrugged and squatted by the llama's head.  "It's a week's worth of meat."


  1. "But he's a vegetarian," Daisy whined.

    "Llama's a vegetable."

    "No it's not."

    Her brother was an idiot. Worse than that, Uncle Bif liked the llama more than either of them. It was in the will, and now that it was dead, she and her brother would be out on their butts.

  2. "What if we bury it?" Gaff suggested.

    "He'll notice it's missing."

    "We could make a new one."

    Daisy blinked, then raised an eyebrow. Sometimes she doubted her brother wasn’t actually an alien, despite the fact that his head was strangely antannae-free. “Make a new one?” she repeated.

    “Sure, if

  3. (Isn't this just for teens?)

  4. The contest probably is, but round robins are still fun for all. :-P

  5. Exactly! I'll only enter teens in the drawing. Josin's entry is VERY FUNNY! :D

  6. "Sure if we shave its hair off and use glue and newspaper like we did to make planets in first grade. Oh, we'll need chicken wire and some sticks..."

    "You've been eating Gran's killer pepper jelly again, haven't you?" Daisy pulled her brother's bottom eyelids down to see if his eyes were bloodshot.

  7. "Oh yeah Killer pepper strikes again.' Daisy lets his lids snap back into place. "Think you can see straight enough to get the darn jacket off the goat."

    "Think you can see straight enough not do that again?"

    "Just get the jacket. Oh, and the shoes too!"

  8. She smiled. Gaff would fit the disguise perfectly. His webbed feet might be a little hard to conceal... but he was the same size as the llama. They'd often shared fashion tips.

    "Now, where can I find some SuperGlue?"

    It would take a lot to cover up his pesky feathers.

  9. "You used it up when you glued these dumb feathers onto me," Gaff said, giving her a death glare.
    Daisy scratched her ear. "It was necessary to get you through security at Duck Palace. But that's irrelevant now that the great Dali Llama is dead. Our quest to bring him

    (Happy Easter everyone! And happy birthday Authoress (: )