Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Registration for 8th Agent Chat is open!

It's that time again! Our 8th Agent Chat is nigh, and this month we'll be joined by Laura Bradford. (Yes, her name is clickable. Isn't that convenient?)

It takes only two minutes. CLICK HERE to register now!

Rules and details:

  • The chat is only open to TEENS ages 13-19. 
  • It happens on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11 starting at 6pm EST. 
  • It will be ONE HOUR long. Get your questions ready!
  • Not sure if you can make it? REGISTER ANYWAY. Better safe than sorry.

Even if you have no questions, it's still a great learning experience to sit back, read along, and maybe even ask questions about her answers to other peoples' questions. (Did you get that?)

Hope to see you there!

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