Friday, January 13, 2012


*If this doesn't make sense, I'm on very little sleep right now. I blame that.

With 2012 already here, it's got me thinking a lot about resolutions, and goals both practical and lofty.

For me, my resolutions for this year are to make more time for my writing and art, take at least 2 aikido tests, get an agent, and sleep more. Notice how every goal is dependent upon my effort output except for getting an agent. That is out of my control simply because it's subjective.

That's what I'd like to talk about today: lofty goals.

Personally, I think we all need a  few lofty goals as writers, to keep us going when things get tough--which they will, no doubt. Getting an agent or becoming a bestselling author are great goals, but they're also not entirely in out control, so that's where the practical ones come in to keep us sane, like higher word counts and less purple prose. BUT, the lofty goals, while we achieve our practical ones along the way, help to keep us striving for better things.

All goals make us better, I think, lofty or not.


Tell me. What are YOUR goals, lofty and otherwise, writerly or not?

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  1. My goals are to finish polishing one of my novels. Because I've got so many rough drafts, plus other ideas I haven't written yet, and I STILL don't have something truly ready for other peoples' eyes... They're not up to MY standards yet, let alone a potential agent's.

    I'm also going to try and keep up with my blog, and I'm keeping track of what books I read in a year. ^^