Friday, October 14, 2011

From the Trenches: Mad

Guys, you should be very jealous of me this weekend, because I get to take an 11-hour GED test. I'm scared to death. O_O

Ahem. Moving on...
Last week, in some depth or another, I talked about the fact that when you send off queries, the only person you’re really competing with is yourself. Today I’m going to elaborate on that.

When you send out queries, you’re not competing with anyone else. None of the other writers matter, because not all writers are equal, and they’re not just unequal because of talent—it has just as much, if not more, to do with timing, the agent’s personal tastes, and pure luck.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the competition, because when you look at it like this, there is no competition. Most things about the publishing business rely solely upon subjectivity anyway, the way I see it.

So, in my eyes, the only thing you should be worried about is yourself and your work. Have you taken the time to polish? Have you researched your agents until you consider yourself a stalker?

That’s really all you can do. Just roll the dice and hope you don’t get snake eyes.

 Question for the comments: what do you guys think of my little theory? Agree or disagree? Talk to me.


  1. I agree, mostly. An agent only wants to take on a certain number of projects a year (right?), so you are "competing", in a sense, against other writers. However, I agree that there's nothing you can really do besides make sure your work is the best it can be--and like you said, it's subjective anyway--so in that sense, it's not really competing.

    Good luck with your test!

  2. I agree. But I can't help but point out that it was last month, not last week. xD
    Good post, though! :) I hope your test is a breeze.

  3. I agree, also, for the most part. It IS subjective, but I personally think it's important to at least know what's trending, so you can expect to hit burnout in certain areas. Like trying to sell a paranormal romance right now might be tough. Not because it's not an amazing book, but because you'll probably hit a lot of agents that are like: "Blehh! Never want to read AGAIN!" -- which isn't compentiton, really. It's just something to factor in when you're deciding what to prioritize and query.

    I agree though. It's about making sure your work is the best it can be and all that. :)

    GOOD LUCK on your test!! You'll ace it, I know you will.

  4. *trying to QUERY a paranormal romance right now might be tough.


  5. *competition

    WOW. Where's my spellcheck today? :P