Friday, September 9, 2011

From the Trenches - Mad

Hey guys! Sorry this is so late. I haven't been home all day and this is coming from my phone. Plus, I'm getting ready for bed because I have to get up early for aikido.

So here goes...

Writing is tough. There are lots of drafts and edits and betas to go through. It's easy when you don't have an agent to think you'll never get published. The stats are against you, right?


Why, you ask? That comes next week. ;P

Last week, I asked you why you wrote. This time, I want to hear what you write and what, if you remember, got you hooked on that genre.

Yeah, I know my post is lame, but I promise to lurk in the comments tomorrow! :)


  1. I write Urban Fantasy. Honestly, in terms of writing, I only started writing it because the ideas I had for my novels seemed to fit that genre. I didn't set out to write Urban Fantasy on purpose. Urban Fantasy IS one of the many genres I love to read, though.

  2. I write epic fantasy (YA), because it's what I really love to read, and I write what I want to read. =) It's that element of awe you get as you're reading and the author immerses you in this giant world and culture they've created. It's like getting to go to a different country and time where they have magical powers. It's rarely done well, from what I've read, so I'm trying my hand at it to see if we can get more epic YA fantasy out there worth reading. ...Provided I can produce something worth reading.

    And I pretty much only read YA(except LOTR) because you're guaranteed great character development--the growing into an adult, coming-of-age type thing. With adult fiction, I tend to get bored with the character development. *shrugs* That's just how I feel.

    To get back to the question, though, I'm not a one-genre writer--I have plans for a superhero novel, set in an alternate today/ten years ago feel, and also a Japanese historical with magical elements. I guess I like anything that takes you to a different place and culture, so that's probably what I'll always write. And a lot of my ideas are based on dreams and 'what if?'s, so I can expect they'll almost always have fantastical elements. =)

  3. I write archaeological thrillers (think Indiana Jones and Lara Croft). Like Amanda said, I write archaeological thrillers because it's what I love to read (although there isn't a lot out there) and I write what I read.

    I also write more broadly in the thriller range, and I've also dabbled in some mystery. Again, I write what I read.

    I do have plans though for some works in other genres: I have a basic idea for a YA fantasy trilogy, but that idea will have to wait until whenever I get around to it.

  4. Basically ditto all of what Amanda said, minus the epic fantasy bit. If I were to get an epic fantasy idea, sure I'd write it! But it's not my usual groove.

    I write YA fantasy (I know, that's a sweeping genre!) just as my first choice. But I'll really write anything I get a powerful idea for and think could be something. I used to swear I'd never read/write sci-fi, but then I wrote a sci-fi novel so... that's just how it is.

    I'll really read anything as long as it hooks me and I resonate with it in some way or another. I prefer for things to have a supernatural/magical element to them, because if it's something like a mystery, I keep waiting for the magic to happen. :P But really, it all just comes down to whether or not it hooks me. If something isn't up my alley, it won't hook me. :)

  5. I write YA paranormal, with some romance in it. I don't like to call what I write Paranormal Romance because all though the romance is a large part of all my stories, I like to think that each story is more about the MC discovering his or herself rather than who they are kissing.

    I write YA because not only am I a teen, but because, well, it is sort of hard to explain. I write paranormal because it's what I know and love. I've tried to write contemporary stories but I always feel like something is lacking.

    I don't write what I write because it is popular. I write it because I need to write it.

    One day I'd love to come up with something for a high fantasy or a dystopian novel because I feel like the possibilities in those two categories are endless -- more endless than the norm. But it's all about ideas.