Friday, August 12, 2011

From the Trenches: Taryn - Introductory Post

Hi, I'm Taryn :)

Authoress is now too lazy to write her own posts and is making teens who don't know any better do it, so


No, I'm really excited that she's allowed us this opportunity, because hey, what's another blog? Ahem, I'll stop rambling now. I'm Taryn; I'm 18. I blog here, founded the collaborative blog Noveltee(n), and tweet here. As you can see in the sidebar, I'm kind of an overachiever.

I think Authoress asked me to do this because of my experience in publishing. Not only have I queried extensively, but I am also a (new) lit agency intern! Yay!

Between reading for pleasure, reading for my critique partners, my new editing service, and my internship, I spend a lot of time reading. My to-be-read pile:

Nah, just kidding.

Lizzy asked you last week what was in your TBR pile, so I'll ask something else. Ummm . . . other than words (reading+writing+blogging+writer friends), what are your hobbies?

I'll go first. Other than words, I swim (collegiately), cycle (collegiately), do Crossfit, have a fulltime job (lifeguarding+swim instructing), and don't have a social life.

How bout you?


  1. I love this post and you.

    Hobbies. Hmmm. I like taking and editing photos, I'm pretty much married to music, and I like to play the guitar. I love to dance, though I'm not dancing at the moment. Things like that.

    And I didn't know a full-time job was a hobby. :P *would not list mine*

  2. I can't believe you exposed me like that. ;P

    Actually, I asked you because I feel really sorry for you, because, yanno, it's like you don't DO anything. Like, why don't you start a business or write a novel or run some blogs or something?


    Hobbies: Being mean to teens.

    Hmm. Sometimes I write stories. You know, just to pass the time.

    Actually, I'm a classically trained pianist. That's not exactly a "hobby"; it's a this-is-what-I-used-to-do.

    And you are SO in trouble. xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, I love this, Taryn. Very much! Because it is so very you. :)

    Hobbies. Um.
    I teach swim lessons also... Not as rigorously as our wonderful Taryn. I learn Korean, listen to Korean (and other, but mostly Korean) music, spin poi, and daydream about travelling far and wide, but mostly through Asia and Europe. Oh, and I'll be starting some college classes this fall. (Oh goodie.)

    And I WOULD do Judo (I used to), but there are no dojos in a 100-mile radius of my town.

    ...But mostly I spend my time thinking about, reading, and talking to people that love words. And writing.

  4. Hobbies. Hmm. That's a good one. Opposed to the rest of my family, I have a ton.

    Cooking. Singing. Acting. Baking. Photography. Archery (my own hobby and I don't even know if I spelled it right). Shopping. Listening to music. Dressing up. Going to public places in awkward costumes. Yeah, there's more, but those are the main ones :D

  5. I love swimming, classical dancing, badminton, volleyball, cooking, taking pictures of the sky and nature, listening to music, sleeping(a lot lol) and many many other things that I am too lazy to write down :P

  6. Hi Taryn! Your opening made me smile. =) <--Like this.

    Hmm...hobbies.... Besides writing, I love singing, playing guitar & piano, experimental cooking(b/c I'm hardcore like that), making espresso beverages, drawing, painting, oil pastel-ing, photography, videography, badminton, soccer, tennis, umm...reading! And I love sleeping, and I wish I could act and dance, but those are skills I've yet to acquire, haha.