Connect and socialize with other teen writers just like you in the Write On! forums. Make sure you follow the rules and above all, enjoy yourself. All teens ages 13-18 welcome.


-No flooding/spamming 
-No advertising - This means posting nothing that will in some way earn you money. (Sharing a contest you're in with a cash prize does not count!)

-No cussing/bad language 
-No harassment of other members 
-No troublemaking - includes starting fights/arguments.
-No overusing emoticons 
-No disrespecting staff 

Though it's not an official rule we strongly encourage you not to give out any personal information about yourself such as your phone number, location, Facebook/Myspace page, last name, etc. if you're 13-15 years old. This is just a safety precaution.

Please be kind and respectful to each other as well as moderators and administrators. Have fun, be open to advice and don't be afraid to be yourself!

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