Write On! is a community for teen writers and book lovers.  It's a place to come and meet others who share your passion for the written word, and a place to learn more about the craft of writing and the publishing business.

We offer the blog, forums, a chatroom, Ask-The-Editor with real editor Alison Weiss, monthly Agent Chats with real agents, etc. to help accomplish the goal of a tight-knit community of writers (and readers).

Write On! is brought to you by Authoress, and kept running smoothly by the awesome teen team: Maggie, Taryn and Mad. Here's what Authoress says about her goals for Write On!:

"My goal?  To keep this a SAFE and FUN place where teens can learn and grow together.
My reason for doing this?  I think it's AWESOME spending time with teen authors and bookworms.  And while there's always the rare occasion where a teenager gets published, the hard truth is that writing is a craft that takes many years to hone.  I want Write On! to be a place of HONING. 
Some day, there will be books on the shelves by authors who once spent their time here.  I really believe that." ~Authoress

Authoress McNonymous:

Authoress writes YA and MG science fiction and fantasy. She is represented by the fabulous Josh Getzler of Russell and Volkening. (That means he's going to sell her novels to a publisher, in case you didn't know.) She is also the hostess of Miss Snark's First Victim, a popular blog for aspiring authors. And she has a really cool husband who is currently writing a soundtrack for her YA dystopian novel. (Which you are totally going to want to read once it's out there. I promise!) She has created WRITE ON! because she thinks it's awesome when teens are passionate about writing and reading. If you stick around, you'll get to know her really well (even if she IS anonymous)!

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If not, then what are you waiting for? All that's missing is YOU! There's no better place to start than the forums. Come introduce yourself!